“People who live in the post-totalitarian system know only too well that the question of whether one or several political parties are in power, and how these parties define and label themselves, is of far less importance than the question of whether or not it is possible to live like a human being.”

– Václav Havel

The Year is 2403; after narrowly averting the Hobus Supernova some 16 years prior, the United Federation of Planets finds itself in the midst of an economic boom, thanks in part to warming diplomatic relations with the Romulan Star Empire. With an unprecedented wealth of resources at their newfound disposal, the Federation leans full-on into overhauling their aging fleet, with several ambitious new undertakings that couldn’t have been dreamed of some two decades prior.

One such fruit borne from this endeavor is their new, state-of-the-art Explorer, the Constitution III. The brainchild of one Rear Admiral William Krause, the Constitution III looks to the future while simultaneously drawing inspiration from Starfleet’s past. Sporting a robust spaceframe and some of the latest technological innovations, the class has already more than proven itself in the field, with one such vessel, the USS Titan (NCC-80102-A), proving to be indispensable in foiling the 3rd Borg Invasion of Sector 001.

Now, a full year-and-a-half following its initial public debut, Starfleet is banking big on the Constitution III, with at least six such vessels already in active service, and a further nine slated for construction. The most recent of these, the USS Yorktown (NCC-91781), has been completed a full four months ahead of schedule, her expedited construction no doubt a result of heightened fears that the Borg may still be lingering in the area. But with the Borg threat slowly subsiding, Starfleet can finally turn its attention towards utilizing the Yorktown and her sisters for the function that they had always been intended for: exploration.

As she is officially delivered to her new owners in Theta Fleet and begins the process of taking on crew, an opportunity presents itself which could see the Yorktown put to good use: Starfleet Command has recently received word that the borders of Annexari space are being reopened.

The reclusive Annexari Socialist Republic has fallen. After more than a century of cruel and repressive leadership, its government has finally been toppled, a victim of its own hubris and a growing disconnect with its citizens. However, the path to freedom has been long and hard-fought, and it has not come without its consequences. Tens of millions lie dead; trade has been disrupted; dozens of systems now lie in ruin, and some are completely cut off from the rest of their society. The monumental task of rebuilding is one that the new provisional government realizes that it can’t do alone. Breaking with centuries of isolationism, the Provisional State of Greater Annexar turns to the Federation in its time of need.

Starfleet is more than willing to offer their assistance, especially towards a society that so desperately needs it, but in order to effectively coordinate relief operations, they’ll need a Starship, to offer what assistance it can and report its findings back to Starfleet Command.

And that ship will be the Yorktown.

The USS Yorktown is a Play-By-Nova Star Trek role-playing game, similar in concept to Peter David’s “New Frontier” series of novels, but with a greater emphasis on post-totalitarianism, what comes after a revolution, the clash of utopian aspirations with hard reality, and the choices that the people at large can make for a better— or worse— society. Set in 2403, we acknowledge some aspects of “Star Trek: Picard” (Namely, its third season, with some aspects of the first), but ignore and/or adjust other aspects (the Synth Attack On Mars, the Hobus Supernova, the Synth Ban, and pretty much all of Season 2). We are currently serving in Theta Fleet under Area 51-C, and are commanded by Commander Hikari Karibuchi. Our content rating is 222, or “+18”:

RPG Rating 2 2 2

-Language 2: General potty mouth is permitted. However, terminology that may be considered as derogatory to certain demographics is prohibited. When in doubt, use [Expletive] or (Expletive) (similar acceptable terms include Censored or Redacted).

-Sex 2: Writing about genitalia and alluding to sex acts is generally permitted, but no explicit pornography. Cut to black and/or skip ahead.

-Violence 2: Violence is generally permitted, but try not to be too explicit in your descriptions.

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Naoe sighed.

"I can see you're unconvinced by words." She said, holding up the keys to the Trueno. "Perhaps what we need is a live demonstration!"

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