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Lieutenant Commander Ashlynn Regan

Name Ashlynn Regan

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 150
Hair Color Dark Red/Ginger and Brown Mix
Eye Color Brown/Hazel
Physical Description Because of the active nature of intelligence and because of her training, Ash has elected to be more or less active as much as she can. Because of this, she has an athletic build. Off duty, she often elects to wear a dark grey tank top with black pants. Sometimes she will throw on a jacket over it.


Spouse James Phoenix (Significant Other, Missing in Action)
Father Thomas Regan (Deceased)
Mother Cassandra Regan (Deceased)
Brother(s) Alex Regan (Status Unknown)
Other Family Reeve Regan (Uncle; Status Unknown)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Throughout her life her ability to be close to people has fluctuated. In her early life after her parent’s death besides Reeve, Alex, and James Phoenix, she was very closed off. It wasn’t until she reunited with James in highschool where she would accept being close to people again. The events of the Alpha Three mission put a strain on this, but she felt better off than she had when her parents died. Despite everything she turned out to do very well at the academy in her studies. Graduating with honors, her first posting was to an intel ship, which in the long run caused many scars for her, both physically and mentally. Sadly, this would be a theme in the majority of her career so far. She received more scars from various intelligence postings. On her first non-intel posting as a science officer, she thought she was free. And she was.

After that post, she reported to the USS Horizon and found out that James had survived Alpha Three, and was now the XO of that ship. They eventually found themselves in a relationship. She thought everything was solid until she was called back to Starfleet intel as a Liaison on Cardassia with the CIB. A Liaison was meant to be a desk job and it turned out not to be in the long wrong, which caused her more scars and grief. Even more so, during her time at the CIB, the Horizon and her crew, including James, had disappeared. She held up hope but during her second leave of absence she found out that Starfleet gave up their search. This sent her into an emotional spiral which caused her to take another year as a leave of absence.

Upon returning to Starfleet despite her scars, Ash has recovered, but often keeps to herself. She forces herself from getting close to anyone in fear of losing them like she lost James.
Strengths & Weaknesses -Large amount of experience in both career fields due to her years of service (S)

-Better knowledge of events of the early 21st Century due to her background (S)

-Has a hard time getting close to people because of the fear of loosing someone close to her again, or anyone for that matter (W)

-Mental and Physical Scars from her time in Starfleet Intelligence (W)
Ambitions -Find closure regarding James Phoenix.

-Continue with her science career.

-Gain command of a science vessel one day.
Hobbies & Interests -Cooking different types of food as it allows her to take her mind off of things

-Listening to music

-Anything science related.

Personal History Ashlynn Regan was born in 2005 to Thomas and Cassandra Regan. Her and her younger brother Alex, had a childhood average to most kids for the first few years of their lives. But they had a good life. Until they were in grade school, when their parents died unexpectedly due to an unknown cause. Their uncle Reeve took them in, but it was still hard for the siblings. More so Alex, as he acted up on numerous occasions and often kept to himself. Ash fared a little bit better, able to seek the help from her best friend in grade school, James Phoenix, who she would lose touch with about a year later. By that time, she hadn’t healed by any means but she was able to manage her grief better than her brother, but she did take up one or two of the same habits. Mostly keeping to herself, since she no longer could hang out with James. She never really liked talking to anyone else besides Alex and Reeve. The only person she could talk to about her past was James, who was gone. Both her and Alex would improve by High School and both of them would have a small amount of friends.

By this point Ash took an interest in science and science fiction. She studied it whenever possible, aside from watching anything related to science fiction. She also took an interest in other STEM related fields. It all fascinated her. It was around this time she reunited with James Phoenix, although they wouldn’t recognize each other at first and they actually highly disliked each other at first. But they would grow very close and they became inseparable. During her time in high school, her grades were very good to the point that she managed to get a near full ride scholarship to a university who at the time was partnering with NASA to send promising students to Mars through the Alpha Space Program, provided they brought promising skills to the table. Ash was selected for this program and her skills had a focus in science and research. She was able to bring one additional person into the program with her, provided they had skills to bring to the table. James was a perfect candidate to go with her and so, after a large amount of time training, James and Ash were slated to be a part of the Alpha Three mission to Mars. The mission launched in late 2024.

They wouldn’t make it, however. About halfway through the mission there was a severe accident as a result of a mass CO2 buildup in the engines. It ripped the ship apart in mere minutes. Ash and James manage to escape through experimental cryo-stasis pods. Their intention was to be frozen for at most two or three years. It would take a while for a rescue mission to get there. However, they would be in stasis for far longer.

In 2378, the USS Portland would be Ash’s savior 353 years after she was originally frozen. But James was nowhere to be found. Upon returning to Earth, everything had changed drastically. The galaxy had seen many conflicts, and only a small handful of those were on Earth. Ash felt she couldn’t just sit around. So, upon recovery, she applied for Starfleet Academy that same year. Initially when she got accepted, her choice of division was sciences, but in her second year, she chose an additional major in intelligence. She did so well in her studies that she was put on the radar of / / REDACTED / /, the Commanding Officer of a Starfleet Intelligence ship, the USS Valiant. The Captain approached Ash in her senior year and offered her a position on the Valiant as a junior science and intelligence officer. She accepted and once she was Commissioned as an Ensign, she transferred to the Valiant. Most of her time on the Valiant and Starfleet Intelligence was classified to clearance level 10 due to the sensitive nature of the Valiant’s mission profile.

Her time on the Valiant wasn’t without its scars. It was one of many times that resulted in both physical and mental scars. Enough to result in a one year leave of absence from Starfleet. It was enough time for her to regroup with herself, but it wasn’t enough to forget. It wouldn’t be enough for a long time. Upon her return to Starfleet, she was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence. Her initial position was as an Intelligence analyst, but she’d eventually become an Intelligence field officer, once she felt ready to handle what SFI had in store for her. Starfleet Intel was its own beast, but far more manageable to her than the Valiant.

In 2390, Ash transferred to her first ship posting since the Valiant, and it was her first that wasn’t attached to SFI, nor did she have to deal with intel. She transferred to the USS Endurance as her Chief Science Officer and only her science officer. She took pride in this position, although her time on that ship was pretty uneventful besides her promotion to Lieutenant Commander. In 2397 she transferred to the USS Horizon and to her surprise, the Horizon’s XO was none other than James Phoenix.

It had been so long since they’d seen each other. So many questions. They would all be discussed and explained. In just a few years James and Ash eventually got together as a result of unspoken feelings towards each other that never went away. Ash really got to shine in her role aboard the Horizon as she was an exploratory vessel. Most of that time went without a hitch. However that would change when she was called back to Starfleet Intel to be a Starfleet Intelligence Liaison for the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau on Cardassia. The first year of that posting went well overall until / / REDACTED / /. In addition, during that time she found out the Horizon, now under James’ command, had gone missing. Starfleet gave up on their search while Ash was / / REDACTED / /. Because of these events, she needed some time on Earth to rehabilitate. She took a two year leave of absence from Starfleet on Earth. She was present during the attempted attack by the Borg and the Dominion Nationalists. Despite that failing, she made it her mission to rejoin the fleet. It always had seemed like someone always had a grudge against the fleet and it gave her the motivation to return to the fleet.

Not feeling ready for Intel again, Ash requested a posting aboard the USS Yorktown, as her Chief Science Officer.
Service Record Starfleet Academy

-2378-2379- Cadet Freshman Grade, Science Studies
-2379-2380- Cadet Sophomore Grade, Science and Intelligence Studies
-2380-2381- Cadet Junior Grade, Science and Intelligence Studies
-2381-2382- Cadet Senior Grade, Science and Intelligence Studies
-2382-2382- Graduation and Commissioned at the rank of Ensign and transferred to the USS Valiant.


USS Valiant

-2382-2385- Science Officer and Intelligence Officer, USS Valiant, Starfleet Intelligence
-2385-2385- Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade
-2385-2386- Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Valiant, Starfleet Intelligence
-2386-2386- / / REDACTED / /
-2386-2387- Leave of Absence
-2387-2387- Transfer to Starfleet Intelligence, Starfleet Command

Starfleet Intelligence, Starfleet Command

-2387-2388- Intelligence Analyst, Starfleet Intelligence
-2388-2388- Promotion to Lieutenant
-2388-2390- Intelligence Field Officer, Starfleet Intelligence
-2390-2390- Transfer to USS Endurance


USS Endurance

-2390-2394- Chief Science Officer, USS Endurance
-2394-2394- Promotion to Lieutenant Commander
-2394-2397- Chief Science Officer, USS Endurance
-2397-2397- Transfer to USS Horizon

USS Horizon

-2397-2400- Chief Science Officer, USS Horizon
-2400-2400- Transfer to Cardassian Intelligence Bureau


Cardassian Intelligence Bureau

-2400-2401- Starfleet Intelligence Liaison, Cardassian Intelligence Bureau
-2401-2401- / / REDACTED / /
-2401-2403- Leave of Absence
-2403-2403- Transfer to USS Yorktown


USS Yorktown

-2403-24XX- Chief Science Officer, USS Yorktown