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Lieutenant Commander Sakaan

Name Sakaan

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 70

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 152lbs
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Standing at 6’3”, Sakaan is taller than the average Vulcan woman. With part of her hair shaved short, and the remainder allowed to grow long on one side, she also tends to stand out of the crowd some.

Lean from nearly two decades of naval service, she carries herself with an easy confidence that seems to come naturally to Vulcans and those who have mastered a martial art.


Spouse Bonded as a child to Tedinn. Although an accomplished Vulcan scientist, Sakaan has resisted the Bonding tradition believing it to be an illogical hearkening to Vulcan’s violent past. Having had no say in the matter as a child, she does not believe she has consented to the match. As such, she seldom sees her bondmate and considers herself to be free from attachment.
Children None
Father Sopran – an Engineer aboard a Vulcan Space Council vessel. He specialises in testing new propulsion technologies. He was frequently absent on missions as Sakaan grew up, and no real bond has developed between the two. Sakaan surmises that his frequent absences were what drove him to embrace traditionalist Vulcan ideas in her upbringing.
Mother Mother T’shas – an official with the Vulcan Genome Registry, T’shas chose to keep her family on Vulcan rather than following Sopran around the galaxy on his frequent missions. This allowed her to bring her children up in a traditional Vulcan manner as requested by her bondmate. Sakaan has a closer bond with her mother than her father, as can be expected from her attention to her upbringing.
Brother(s) Selven – the middle child and ‘family rebel’. Sakaan has known Selven to resist traditional Vulcan teachings and even dabble in lessening his emotional control from time to time.
Though Sakaan feels closer to Selven than the rest of her family, it may not be reciprocated. Selven departed on a journey of personal exploration some years ago, and she seldom hears from him. The notion of such a journey seems illogical to the wider family, but Sakaan understands it may derive from a deep unhappiness.
Sister(s) T’ri – Sakaan’s youngest sibling and sister. A scientist specialising in hydroponics and agriculture, T’ri works for the Vulcan Science Academy.
Although they get on well, Sakaan feels little need to keep in close, constant contact with her sister and will often go months without exchanging a message.
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Carrying herself with ease and confidence, Sakaan projects the stoic steadiness that is the hallmark of most Vulcans. To the casual observer, she is the model of Vulcan control, looks aside, seldom betraying emotional reactions.

Her close friends, however, have observed her years amongst non-Vulcans and on deep-cover missions have softened her emotional control, and in her sixties increasingly shows her emotional reactions to a situation. Few know of the missions she has undertaken that have caused this slippage.
With long years of service in Starfleet and Starfleet Intelligence, she is confident in her abilities and skills as an Intelligence Officer and has wished to broaden her experience and competencies. Sakaan takes pride in her duties and always strives to perform at optimum.

Although a Vulcan she is not uncaring of her fellow crewmembers’ feelings and does stride to accommodate them, aware that Vulcans can be seen as rude. During her time in Starfleet she has become close friends with several comrades, which some would not consider strictly logical given her profession. Most she keeps at a polite distance and takes time to warm to those around her.

Having spent long years away from Vulcan, Sakaan seldom spends time with others of her species. Though she will not admit it out loud, she prefers the company of emotional species, living vicariously through their expression. It reflects her distaste at her upbringing and her emotional attachment to her brother.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sakaan is a consummate Intelligence Officer, well-versed in her tasks and confident in the execution of her duties. She benefits from Vulcan’s excellent education system, augmented by years of Starfleet training and experience. Her specialties are data collation and analysis and infiltration of target organisations. Strengths are posing as dissident Vulcans or Romulans.

She is a competent shot, though prefers martial arts, namely V’Shan, for the quiet dispatch of her adversaries.

Other Vulcans, and Sakaan herself, recognise her to be a particularly weak telepath, seldom being successful in initiating mind melds or executing the ‘Vulcan Neck Pinch’.

Though she meditates to maintain her emotional composure, years away from Vulcan, a general reluctance to associate with others of her species and the performance of her duties have led to a lessening of her emotional control, and has begun manifesting emotions amongst others.
Ambitions Ambitions are illogical. What satisfies Sakaan is to serve and fulfil her duties in the here and now. However, in the future Sakaan realises the logical choice would be progression to a desk job, perhaps as a senior officer at Starfleet Intelligence. Perhaps even a family. The Vulcan drive to participate in civic life also motivates her to seek a political role down the road, though not on Vulcan itself.
Hobbies & Interests Sakaan has myriad interests. Her favourite pastimes are reading the history and politics of Federation members worlds and beyond, practicing her V’Shan martial art and general exercising.

As with most Vulcans, the appreciation of art and music is engrained, and she is generally fascinated by non-Vulcans.

Personal History Sakaan, daughter of Sopran was born in 2333, and her father was determined she would be raised in the traditional Vulcan manner. As a child she was particularly emotional, before her schooling and Vulcan training moulded her into the model Vulcan her father so dearly wanted. Beneath her emotional control, however, she resented the restrictions and impositions a traditional upbringing foisted upon her.

It was particularly resented that she was betrothed to another at the traditional age, far too young to have a choice her older self decided. Sakaan eventually came to decide that a stifling traditional Vulcan childhood was an illogical pursuit.

As she got older, it became apparent she enjoyed spending time away from the family compound, whether with friends or with her siblings. Within the family home she would mostly follow solitary pursuits, such as reading.

During her schooling it became apparent she was a weak touch-telepath, and could do little beyond influencing pressure points within the body.

Growing up, Sakaan became fascinated by ‘lesser’, ‘imperfect’ emotional species, and frequently wondered whether it would be possible for a Vulcan to express or feel emotion in a safe manner. She also discovered a more practical interest in wider Federation affairs following the resignation of President Sulu in 2340, one of her earliest political memories. The Cardassian attack on the USS Stargazer in 2343, attack on Narendra III in 2344, the Gorn declaration of war in 2345, and the Khitomer massacre in 2346 created strong impressions on the young Vulcan. They would influence a life-long interest in the politics and histories of species across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

During her teenage years, chafing at what she saw as her confinement to Vulcan, Sakaan plotted her escape, and applied to Starfleet as early as she could – the traditional form of Vulcan rebellion. She was accepted the year following the finishing of her schooling in 2351.

San Francisco was shockingly different to Vulcan. Though the Vulcan homeworld had a diverse array of species, San Francisco and Earth in general were far more vibrant places. She found quite quickly that she enjoyed Academy life, not least enjoying the sense of freedom.

During her time at the Academy, she found that she particularly enjoyed the Xenoanthropology and Xenosociology courses, particularly those focusing on Non-Vulcan Vulcanoids, Romulans and the aggressive Cardassians. This was in addition to her continuing interest in Federation history and politics.

On the more practical side she enjoyed the phaser training and the martial arts course, which allowed her the excuse to hone her skills in the V’shan style.

Following her Academy training, she embarked on her cadet cruise in 2353, assigned to the USS Attlee. As part of her rotation through various departments – having not chosen any specific streams at the Academy – Sakaan was assigned to the Intelligence department and found the analytical skills developed through her classes served her well. This was remarked upon by the Commanding Officer and the Academy coordinator.

This led to a stint at the Starfleet Academy Intelligence Annex in Berlin where she developed her skills in intelligence analysis for the next two years. During this time she was assigned to an analysis team that focused on the Cardassians and their potential movements.

In 2356, with her training complete, Sakaan was promoted to Ensign and assigned to the USS Arthur, a Centaur-class frigate as an Intelligence Officer. Here she operated on the front lines of the Cardassian-Federation war, taking part in many fleet actions. It was during her assignment she came to know her mentor, Chief Intelligence Officer Maccabee Bennett.

The following year, Sakaan was sent behind enemy lines in a Starfleet Intelligence-sanctioned operation to sabotage a Cardassian installation.

Within her tactical wing, Sakaan became known as a gifted analyst and decipherer of Cardassian actions. In recognition of her work and dedication, she was promoted to Lieutenant (JG) in 2358. She stayed with the Arthur following her detachment to Starfleet Intelligence.

By 2361, Sakaan was promoted again, to full Lieutenant and transferred to the Ambassador-class USS Dulles. As the Dulles was mostly assigned to the Romulan Neutral Zone, Sakaan felt that her assignment was a waste of her already-developed Cardassian expertise. She did, however, acknowledge that it was logical to develop her working knowledge of the Romulans and Talarians, as per her new duties.

Aboard the Dulles Sakaan managed to secure intensive infiltration training due to the influence of her mentor, Bennett. During this time Starfleet Intelligence worried that the Orion Syndicate was taking advantage of the continuing war with the Cardassians to strengthen their criminal operations, and much of the Dulles’ work involved disrupting their plans.

2362 saw the Vulcan assigned to a deep-cover mission to infiltrate Orion Syndicate operations on Miridan. Posing as a Romulan, the mission eventually took six years to complete, seeing Sakaan rise up the ranks of the Syndicate Operation on the planet, before being able to dismantle and indict most of the members. Although the mission was successful, it came at the cost of eroding Sakaan’s emotional control, an issue that continues to affect her to this day.

Following her time undercover, Sakaan was assigned to Starfleet Academy as an instructor to give her time to adjust to normal life again. She took this opportunity to catch up with old friends, her family, and particularly her mentor, Maccabee Bennett. It was during this time she first met his son, Curzon.

With the Romulans re-emerging on the galactic scene in the late 2360s, Sakaan was once again called upon to take on the persona of a Romulan and infiltrate the Star Empire in 2369. Initially matters proceeded as expected, and she succeeded in infiltrating the local government structure on the colony world of D’deridex. By 2370, however, Sakaan’s cover was blown, and she was required to return to Federation space.
After her return, she was assigned to the USS Concorde, a Galaxy-class cruiser assigned to patrol the border with Cardassia. Its focus was to curtail Maquis operations, but Sakaan was also co-opted into a fleet wide analysis project on the newly encountered Dominion. During the collapse of the existing Cardassian political order in 2371, Sakaan ventured into Cardassian space to assess the new civilian-led government.

During 2372, the Concorde saw an increasing amount of action against marauding Klingon forces as tensions mounted between the two former allies. The ship’s Intelligence department was responsible for thwarting several Klingon operations in the vicinity of Betazed.
During the Dominion War, the Concorde served on the front lines of the conflict, making several notable contributions, particularly during the Second Battle of Chin’toka. Sakaan’s own contributions were mostly in the form of behind-the-line operations in Cardassian space, sabotaging installations.

After the war’s end, and nearly a decade’s continuous service, Sakaan took an extended leave of absence, and headed to P’Jem to assist in the continuing rebuilding of the monastery. The irony was not lost on her.

At the beginning of 2377 Sakaan returned to active duty and was assigned to the Centaur-class USS Merlin. Once again aboard a Starfleet Intelligence Operations ship, the Merlin and Sakaan were tasked with assisting in the stabilisation and rebuilding of the Cardassian Union in order to preserve the hard-won peace.

By 2379 after three years aboard the Merlin, Sakaan was reassigned to Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. During this time she worked on analysis relating to the fallout of Praetor Shinzon’s death and its ramifications for the Romulan Star Empire. In 2380, she attended the funeral of one of her oldest friends, Maccabee Bennett, and once more came into contact with his son, Curzon, as he is assigned to the USS Republic, in Theta Fleet, as CIO.

Later in the same year Sakaan was re-assigned to the Merlin which now had a roving assignment to patrol the border with the Romulan Empire and prevent local issues and problems from snowballing beyond control. She was also promoted to Chief Intelligence Officer on this mission.
In 2381 Sakaan was once again selected for a covert operation in the Romulan Star Empire. This time the operation was more successful, owing to the Tal Shiar still rebuilding, coupled with the continuing chaos in the aftermath of Shinzon’s coup and fall. The Vulcan remained in Romulan space for the best part of eight years, collecting information and passing it on to her handlers.

The operation was terminated successfully in 2388, allowing Sakaan to return home. For the first time in many decades she opted to make the journey to Vulcan and meet her biological family. There a shock awaited her, as her brother had simply left on a ‘personal journey’. It became evident that he too chafed at the restrictions of a model Vulcan life and left on a quixotic quest to determine whether it was possible to strike a more even balance.

As was becoming her custom after a covert operation Sakaan requested an Academy teaching post shortly after the revelation on Vulcan. The Lieutenant spent the next few years teaching at the Academy and living on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, enjoying the relative isolation of her property as she readjusted to her new normal.

In 2393, Sakaan was selected by now-Commodore Curzon Bennett to run the Intelligence Department on the USS Ares, an Akira-class vessel that patrolled the Federation borderlands with the Ferengi Alliance and the near-reaches of Breen space. The tour was relatively short, and Sakaan performed ably before returning to Earth awaiting transport to her next assignment aboard the USS Alexandria as her Chief Intelligence Officer.

The Alexandria was a first for the Vulcan. The ship was a modified Intrepid-class vessel, outfitted for extended runs in to deep space with equipment to scan from long distances with great accuracy, and to intercept comms traffic for decryption. The vessel was also cosmetically modified from the standard with the bright colourings of the class muted, and the hull darkened to better blend in with interstellar space.

For most of its first tour, the Alexandria assisted the still-struggling Cardassian government in securing itself. Even decades after the Dominion War, the Cardassian state was beset by challenges, both internal and external. Though steadfastly refusing to interfere in internal Cardassian politics, the Alexandria, and her Chief Intelligence Officer, were happy to assist in cracking down on pirate and smuggler gangs that proved a threat to both sides of the Cardassian-Federation border.

That they were implicitly interfering in internal Cardassian politics by strengthening the central government was not lost on the Vulcan. That her hard work in previous decades had not altered the situation in Cardassian space caused her pause for thought.

With the new century fast approaching, even the long-lived Vulcan marveled at the speed at which time passed. The nearly seventy-year-old woman reflected at the span of her life in Starfleet as the Alexandria was assigned a peacekeeping watch in the far Beta Quadrant reaches of the Federation. Although nominally allies, the Klingons were chafing at the long peace the Dominion War had achieved. A generation of Klingons had grown up on the stories of the exploits of their glorious warriors, and were growing restive.
Working in tandem with Klingon Imperial Intelligence, the Alexandria and her crew worked to disrupt and disband the bands of renegade Klingons, often snapping up the resources they required to conduct their rogue operations.

A memorable mission during this time was the recovery of the Daedalus-class USS Arnolfsson, a twenty-second century Starfleet vessel that had been lost centuries before.
In 2402, the Alexandria was reassigned to patrols at the edges of Son’a space, monitoring the polity’s continued adherence to treaty obligations signed in the aftermath of the Bak’u incident.

With a lengthy backlog of accumulated leave, Sakaan was ‘encouraged’ to take a break, something she gladly did, making her way leisurely back to Earth and her bolthole on the Olympic Peninsula.

The events of April 2403 illogically jogged Sakaan’s sense of duty as she cut her leave short, applying for a transfer to the next available ship. It would prove to be a lengthy wait, with the Yorktown the next available assignment not launching until June 2403.
Service Record 2351-53 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2353-54 - Cadet Cruise, USS Attlee
2355-56 - Starfleet Academy Intelligence Annex, Earth
2356-58 - Ensign, Intelligence Officer, USS Arthur
2358-61 - Lieutenant (JG), Intelligence Officer, USS Arthur
2361-62 - Lieutenant, Intelligence Officer, USS Dulles
2362-68 - Deep Cover Mission: Infiltration of Miridan Orion Syndicate
2368-69 - Tutor, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2369-70 - Deep Cover Mission: Infiltration of Romulan Star Empire
2370-75 - Lieutenant (JG), Intelligence Officer, USS Concorde
2376-77 - Extended Leave of Absence, P'Jem Reconstruction Project
2377-79 - Lieutenant, Intelligence Officer, USS Merlin
2379-80 - Lieutenant, Starfleet Headquarters, Earth
2380-81 - Lieutenant, Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Merlin
2381-88 - Deep Cover Mission, Infiltration of Romulan Star Empire
2388-83 - Tutor, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2393-95 - Lieutenant, Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Ares
2395 - 2402 - Lieutenant, Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Alexandria
2402-03 – Shoreleave, Earth.
2403- Present – Lieutenant (?), Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Yorktown