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From Curzon Bennett, With Love [Part 3]

Posted on Thu May 16th, 2024 @ 6:19pm by Captain Takami Karibuchi & Commander Hikari Karibuchi & Yulena Shastakar & Lieutenant Commander Sakaan

1,339 words; about a 7 minute read

Mission: Season 1, Episode 0: "A Time To Heal"
Location: USS Yorktown (NCC-91781), Commander Sakaan's Office, Deck 9
Timeline: Continuation of Part 2

Previously on Star Trek: Yorktown:

"Oh, but of course," Hikari grinned. "I've still got a few items on my itinerary that will require my foremost attention, but once that's all taken care of, I was hoping to get in touch with a representative of the Foreign Ministry, fill them in on our game plan so they can smooth this all out with the Star Empire."

Sakaan nodded, 'undoubtedly launching a new vessel is a time-consuming task.' She reached into a drawer in her desk and retrieved a PADD and slid it across to her Commanding Officer. 'You'll find my department ready to go. There are a few minor, standard requisitions for equipment attached. I had thought of transmitting it to you, but seeing as you all decided to pay me a visit this morning, I might as well pass it over now.'

Looking over to the Annexari representative, Sakaan asked, 'how stable is the current governmental structure? Will Yorktown be welcomed?'

And now... the continuation!

Yulena furrowed her brow. "We would not be asking for your assistance if we were not willing to welcome you into our borders," she stated, as if that question were plainly redundant.

"Erm... forgive her, Commander; she's still getting used to our customs," Takami quickly butted in, upon realizing that Yulena's response might have come off as just the slightest bit rude. "Based on our initial correspondence with her, the Provisional Government is still working to gain a political foothold, though there are some doubts as to whether or not the government in its current iteration can make things work for the long-term; given that information, we estimate that a public election will be likely in a year's time."

Noting the blunt response, and filing it away for future reference, Sakaan nodded in Takami's direction. 'Thank you Captain, for the clarification - I assume, then, that the government is not welcomed and not too stable.' I will base any future assessments of our position there with that in mind.' She turned her attention to Yulena. 'Forgive the question, Representative, however, asking for assistance does not necessarily imply welcome. It is natural to assume that at least some of the Annexari will view this as a humiliation, and will act accordingly. Populations are not monoliths, and populations that are in the problem of exiting authoritarian regimes tend to have several socio-political splinters.'

'History does not always look kindly on the first political authorities established after the fall of dictatorship, particularly if perceived to be propped up by a foreign power. Post-Tsarist Russia on Earth is a salient example.'

Yulena tilted her head to one side, a look of curiosity evident in her expression. "And what became of them?"

'Collapsed into anarchy, a long civil war, and a return to autocratic rule,' Sakaan stated. 'There are others that follow the same essential pattern. Iran and Afghanistan in the nineteen-seventies. Had the Vulcans not made First Contact in the early twenty-first century, there is a strong case to suggest that Humanity would have persisted in this cycle.'

"Presuming that they didn't just wipe themselves out altogether," Hikari added.

'This was a distinct possibility,' Sakaan agreed, 'in fact, some of the original records relating to our First Contact relate that our survey's mission parameters was changed close to the date of the Pheonix's launch. Had the original orders stood, there would have been no First Contact, and quite possibly, we would not be here today.' Steepling her fingers, she concluded, 'a fascinating digression. However, Representative, I hope you see the relevance of our concerns?'

"All too clearly," Yulena sighed. "It would appear that we stand to learn a great many things from your Federation, Commander; the parallels drawn between your society and ours are much closer than I had originally anticipated."

'History doesn't repeat itself, Representative, but it does rhyme,' Sakaan replied coolly. 'I am sure that we will do all in our power to prevent anything unfortunate to adversely affect your nascent freedoms.'

"Well, it would appear as though we've got our work cut out for us, Commander," Hikari surmised. "Once this tour's all said and done, I've got a small handful of commitments that I've already agreed to, but perhaps when I get some down time, I can get in touch with a representative of the Diplomatic Corps and update them on the situation, so they'll have a better idea of what to anticipate going into this?"

'That would be the most appropriate course of action, yes,' Sakaan replied flatly. 'I can get in contact with an acquaintance within the civilian administration too, if you would be amenable.'

"Oh, but of course," Hikari smiled. "Anything to guarantee that we go into this with our best foot forward."

'Then you may consider it done,' Sakaan replied, taking her elbows off the table, and lowering her hands to her lap. 'Now, are there any other queries any of you may wish to ask me? I can answer as much as I am permitted to.'

"No, I think that'll be everything, Commander," Hikari insisted. "If I have any further questions, I won't hesitate to reach out to you."

'Thank you, Sir. Perhaps we can arrange a more social occasion in which to interact. In the interests of getting to know one another better. I believe this will aid in our duty hours being more sufficient,' Sakaan suggested.

Hikari grinned. "A Vulcan actually inviting me to socialize? Now this is my kinda crew!"

'No Vulcan is averse to socialising,' Sakaan replied before cocking her head and raising an eyebrow, 'some appreciate that it is easier for emotional species to relax around alcohol before getting to know them better.'

"I hear the onboard dining establishment is looking to be up and operational in the next few days," Takami remarked. "Perhaps it might be a great opportunity for you two to get to know each other better?"

"Really? I'd love to!" Hikari answered without so much as a second thought.

She glanced over at Sakaan. "If it's alright with you, Commander, once I get an opening date from the owner, perhaps we can arrange a time to meet up?"

'That would be entirely acceptable, Commander,' Sakaan replied with a nod. 'It is already shaping up to be a fine establishment.'

"Right, then," Hikari nodded in affirmation. "Well, if you won't be needing us for anything else, Commander, than I think its best that we be on our way. Be seeing you around?"

Sakaan cocked her head, and processed the idiom. 'I believe you shall.' Getting to her feet, she extended a hand, 'I believe it is customary to offer a handshake? Much more civilised than a Romulan goodbye.'

Hikari smiled. "I appreciate the gesture, Commander," she replied, shaking Sakaan's hand. "And I am deeply honored to have an officer of your poise working for me; I've met a few COs in my time who would kill to have someone of Curzon Bennett's poise on their crew, so anyone who gets his seal of approval is most certainly getting mine."

'You are entirely too kind, Commander. We have merely done our duty as Starfleet demands,' Sakaan observed as she ushered the grouplet to the door, 'please. Do not let me detain you.'

"But of course," Hikari nodded. "And thank you again, Commander."

And with that, the three of them were off.

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