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Commander Fan Shuren

Name Fan Shuren

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35 (10 March 2368)

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber-Gold
Physical Description Medium height, long black hair, gold/amber eyes


Spouse Lucian Graham (long-term, long-distance boyfriend, 35)
Father Fan Zedong (68)
Mother Fan Hua (deceased)
Sister(s) Fan Wen (32)
Other Family Not much of an extended family

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses +Good leadership skills
+Excellent marksman (hand and ship weapons)

-Despite evidence, still unsure of herself
Ambitions Shuren wants to do maximum good for the galaxy. For years, that had been as a Starfleet security officer, helping rescue survivors from conflict zones. She now does that as a First Officer and thinks that one day she’ll do better still as a Captain of her own ship.
Hobbies & Interests -Games of all kinds
-Urban exploration

Personal History Fan Shuren was the eldest daughter of Fan Zedong and his wife Fan Hua. Both were hydrological engineers working with the Federation Colonial Administration, helping design, build, maintain, and repair engineering works meant to manage water. This meant that they were well traveled, and while home was always Shanghai, China, Earth, Shuren and later her younger sister Wen spent well over a third of their childhoods on starships or living on the worlds where her parents worked.

She was athletic, always doing her best to keep in shape, especially while traveling. More often than not, the world they’d be visiting was slightly lower gravity than she was used to, so she made a point to exercise hard and do sports, to fight the muscle loss that so often came from being on low-G worlds. Some of this exercise came in the form of urban exploration, first just walking around colony cities and mapping every square centimeter, but later including exploring inside abandoned buildings or climbing on the outside of structures.

At age 16, she went with her parents to the neutral planet Roma Nueva, where earthquakes had damaged some of the hydrological and hydroelectric infrastructure. Shortly after arriving, a particularly large quake ruptured a dam, causing mass flooding and numerous casualties. Shuren was left alone at their hotel room but refused to stay there doing nothing. She snuck out and made her way to an aid station, where she volunteered to help out. She was paired up with a nursing student named Minerva, who turned out to be the daughter of one of the Senators. The two worked together in bringing victims into the aid station and giving them an initial triage. When the crisis was over, the two became fast friends, Minerva showing Shuren all around Roma Nueva. Their parents also became friends and colleagues; the Fan engineers came to Roma Nueva every year from then on out, first to inspect the new dams and then to enjoy summer solstice celebrations.

It surprised no one that Shuren applied to join Starfleet, and her chosen field of Security was perfect. She was a team player, she was fit, and she had a big sister mentality, all of which translated neatly into becoming a member of a security squad. Upon graduation, she was put in Squad 2, Team 3 aboard USS Renown.

In 2391, the Renown was part of Operation Gatecrasher, a military operation to retake certain Federation and Klingon worlds from a Klingon insurgency. Her team was trapped and the team leader severely injured. As an Ensign, she managed to lead them all to safety and kept them protected until help could come. The Team Leader survived, though his injury left him unable to lead them again for many months. In that time, Shuren was made Acting Team Leader, and proved herself to her superiors. In early 2392, she was made Lieutenant junior grade and made Squad 2 Lead, now responsible for four teams.

In 2394, she approached her superiors and asked for additional training, this time on ship weapons. She was good at team management, and could see herself as being chief of security of a ship some day. She took extra bridge shifts whenever she could, eventually becoming the Delta Shift Tactical Officer.

In 2395, an opportunity opened up aboard the Europa-class USS Phobos. She was transferred and became Chief Security/Tactical Officer and later expanded that role to include Second Officer. It was here that she met Lucian Graham, with whom she would fall in love. They began dating in 2401, shortly after the big Frontier Day.

By 2403, it was clear that one day the young woman would command a starship of her own. She still wanted to learn more about command though, despite more than a decade of leadership experience behind her. She accepted an invitation to be First Officer aboard the newly-launched Constitution III-class ship USS Yorktown, under Commander Karibuchi. Her boyfriend remains posted on the Phobos.

Before she left for the Yorktown, she took a command course on the Academy ship USS Zee-Magnees. She spent her days learning things not previously taught to security officers, like politics and diplomacy. She was there when the Borg attacked the 2403 Frontier Day. She helped fend off her course mates, most of whom were much younger than her and thus susceptible to the Borg influence, keeping the ship safe until the Enterprise-D eliminated the threat.

By June of 2403, she was ready to take her position on the Yorktown….
Service Record 2386-2390: Starfleet Academy
2390-2391: Security Team Member, USS Renown NCC-71822 (Galaxy class)
2391-2392: Security Team Leader, USS Renown NCC-71822 (Galaxy class)
2392-2395: Security Squad Leader, USS Renown NCC-71822 (Galaxy class)
2395-2400: Chief Security Officer, USS Phobos NCC-97643 (Europa class)
2400-2403: Chief Security Officer/Second Officer, USS Phobos NCC-97643 (Europa class)
2403: Command Training Course, USS Zee-Magnees NCC-62084 (Nebula class)
2403-now: Executive Officer, USS Yorktown NCC-91781 (Constitution III class)