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Lieutenant Naoe Kanno

Name Naoe Kanno

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 4'8
Weight 105 lbs
Hair Color black
Eye Color hazel grey
Physical Description The best way to describe Naoe is that she’s built like a bulldog. While no serious health issues contributed to her short height, Naoe often uses her upper body to service her Napoleon complex, projecting power in order to compensate for her lack of height. Naoe keeps her hair cut short so that she has less of it to manage. Naoe also has a prominent scar on her left cheek that she obtained during a prison riot and often covers with a bandage.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Shin'Ichiro Kanno
Mother Rie Kanno
Brother(s) Kanehiro Kanno (older)
Sister(s) Inori Kanno (older)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Naoe is described in one word as Napoleonic. Her piloting style could be described as borderline reckless at times, but she can get you out of a pinch much faster than her peers. Brash and sometimes belligerent socially, Naoe has learned to keep out of trouble by minimizing the amount she has to speak; something which has worked to great success for her in the past as the anonymous LCARS personality known as the Yellow Rider. She understands that minimal speech will frustrate some Starfleet officers, but she is of the belief that actions speak louder than words. (Or, in Naoe’s case, actions will keep her out of the brig.)

In the presence of Captain Takami Karibuchi, Naoe is more inclined to speak freely and less belligerently due to the high amount of respect she holds for Captain Karibuchi, akin to the relationship she has with her own biological sister.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Talented pilot
+/- Speed Demon
+/- Has trust issues, but is loyal once she deems you fit for her ‘inner circle’
-Of few words
-Has a superiority complex when she does speak
Ambitions While Naoe has made great strides as a Starfleet officer, there’s one omission from the deal that got her out of prison early that Naoe has always lamented; and that was the fact that her Renault Twingo remains impounded. Naoe would love nothing more than to get her Twingo out of impound and restore it to its former glory. Though at this point, it’s been so long that Naoe is unsure of the condition that the Twingo will be in when that finally happens.
Hobbies & Interests -Her Renault Twingo (currently impounded)
-Pizza delivery
-Eurobeat music

Personal History Naoe Kanno was born October 13, 2370 as the second daughter of a police chief in Miyagi Prefecture. Naoe grew up in Kakuda, the hometown of her parents. As her parents were rather strict, Naoe grew close to her older siblings: She loved her elder sister Inori, who was an honor student, and was especially endearing towards her elder brother Kanehiro, who was seven years her senior, and she often slept with him until her first year of junior high school. She was obedient towards her siblings and never quarreled with them. In fact, she became rather protective of them, and her bullish side developed when she wrestled and defeated kids older and larger than her who were bullying her sister.

Naoe also understood the importance of getting a good education, and she would often stay up into the wee hours of the morning studying. As a result, she almost always had the top grades in her class, leaving many to wonder how the girl who made herself feared amongst her peers had the time to study.

When Naoe graduated Kakuda Junior High School with top marks, she knew with certainty that she would be continuing on to Japan's optional high school program and beyond. While she would attend high school domestically, the same could not be said when she became of university age. During her high school career, Naoe had become fascinated by French culture, and when it came time for her to decide which university she wanted to go to, Naoe decided that she wished to study abroad in France, getting accepted fairly easily into a university in Paris.

At first, Naoe did quite well in her university studies, shocking even her host family with her dedication. However, walking home from class one day, Naoe would make a decision that would change her destiny: She had walked past an Indian Yellow Mark 1 Renault Twingo for sale on the way to and from class multiple times, and had become enamored with the antique car. One rainy day, Naoe finally decided to knock on the door of the house the Twingo was parked outside of and spoke to the Twingo's elderly owner. The old man had had his fun with the Twingo, but various health related issues were prohibiting him from being able to drive. After inspecting and taking the almost 400 year old automobile for a test drive, Naoe struck a deal with the old man and became the Twingo's new owner.

After acquiring the Twingo, Naoe landed herself a job delivering pizzas for a local restaurant. At first, the only thing out of the ordinary were glowing reviews from customers about how quickly they got their food when Naoe delivered it as opposed to other drivers employed by the restaurant. However, things soon changed when Naoe stumbled across a used camera in a secondhand store, and decided to film one of her delivery shifts. When she sent some of the footage to her sister, Inori at first believed she had been sent random videos of a crazy driver, and couldn't believe it was her little sister who was driving. With Inori's advice, Naoe created the screen name Yellow Rider (after her Twingo's yellow color) and uploaded the clips to LCARS. The videos took off, and Naoe quickly gained a cult following. Riding the wave of her newfound fame, Naoe began editing the videos in a humorous manner, setting them to Eurobeat music and stylizing them after one of her favorite anime series.

However, as the Yellow Rider's popularity soared, so too did concerns about the safety of her driving. While Naoe's reputation had grown beyond her place of employment and was quickly becoming known as one of the fastest delivery drivers in the Paris area, her host family grew increasingly concerned about her safety, and things came to a head in 2392, when Naoe's host family finally called the police on her. Naoe was arrested; her cameras and the Twingo were seized by law enforcement. When the Yellow Rider broke the news of her arrest, Naoe was surprised by how quickly her fanbase turned on her. People who had once cheered her on were now saying she had gotten what she deserved.

Naoe's case went to court, and she was found guilty on multiple counts of reckless endangerment. She was sentenced to a year in prison, being shipped off to the United Earth Crimea Penitentiary: A notorious prison in eastern Europe and one of the scars leftover from Earth's Third World War.

Conditions in the prison were horrid, to say the least. Just three months into Naoe's sentence, she was caught in a prison riot. Her left cheek was cut open by another prisoner, and while the prison's medical staff were able to stop the bleeding, the cut became a scar; one which still exists on Naoe's cheek to this day.

Three months after the riot, all prisoners were notified that 'an important military officer' would be visiting the prison and conducting an inspection. Naoe resolved to keep her head down this time, and her plan went alright until she heard one the guards call out her inmate number. The 'important officer' had requested an audience with Naoe. She soon found out that the guards' valued guest was a Starfleet Lieutenant, and the inspection was part of the Lieutenant's cross training for Starfleet Security. The Lieutenant introduced herself as Takami Karibuchi: She had taken an interest in Naoe, as she stood out from the other mostly European inmates, being one of the only Japanese inmates that Takami had observed.

During the rather tense interrogation, Takami requested to know what Naoe was in for. It took a long time for Takami to gain enough of Naoe's trust for her to divulge that she had been convicted of reckless endangerment and was only about halfway through her sentence.

Surprisingly, the other Japanese woman took pity on Naoe, and expressed that her punishment was far too severe for the crime. And promised to see what she could do to have the rest of Naoe's sentence commuted. Though, Takami requested something in return from Naoe: If she was successful in getting Naoe's sentence commuted, Takami wanted Naoe to sign up for Starfleet. Naoe was more than happy to honor Takami's request; anything to get her out of this hell hole.

Naoe wasn't expecting Takami to stay true to her word, but to her surprise, a few weeks after Takami's visit, Naoe was called into the warden's office to go over the terms of her release papers. Lieutenant Karibuchi had been successful in commuting the remaining six months of Naoe's sentence, and to ensure Naoe wouldn't go back on her end of the deal, she was to be picked up by Starfleet personnel and brought to a nearby Starfleet-run halfway house in Mariupol where Naoe would be required to reside while her application to Starfleet Academy was processed and to prepare her for her impending entry into the Academy.

The six months that Naoe spent in the halfway house were the most trying six months of her life: In her opinion, the halfway house was only slightly better than prison. There were no forcefields at the halfway house, but there were still strict curfews and contraband items, and Naoe had to strip out an old tricorder to conceal the one camera she had left, as cameras were on that list.

When her mandated six months in a halfway house were up, Naoe was expedited to Starfleet Academy. It was here that Naoe's eyes were opened to just how harsh the halfway house had been, as many of the harsh rules that Naoe had grown used to didn't exist at the Academy, and Naoe was genuinely surprised by simple things that most other cadets took for granted.

When Naoe entered the Academy, she chose Flight Control as her major. Her first year was almost entirely classroom lessons as she learned the basics of spaceflight, atmospheric flight, and the differences between them. However, beginning in her second year, Naoe had to choose between flying passengers and flying cargo for practical training. Naoe chose cargo, and for her second year, she trained to fly cargo from Earth to various Starfleet ships in need of supplies. However, beginning in her third year, Naoe began flying unsupervised, delivering the supplies on schedule. However, as Naoe began to push the envelope with her flying, several Starfleet crews began reporting their resupply coming in early.

For her final year at the Academy, Naoe had been recognized as one of the Academy's best cargo pilots, and she was given what she was told was a very important and special assignment. But when she found out what it was, Naoe couldn't help but laugh; for in a strange twist of fate, things had come full circle, and for her final year at the Academy, Naoe once again found herself delivering pizzas.

When Naoe had first been sentenced, she was prohibited from creating new Yellow Rider content until she had served her sentence. When her sentence was commuted halfway through, Naoe took a cautious approach and decided to wait until after a year had passed before slowly reintroducing new Yellow Rider content: She started by uploading some edits of her favorite Eurobeat songs, some of which she had used in her old videos, which had been removed from LCARS under court order. Then she compiled the footage she had secretly recorded while in prison and uploaded it in a video titled "Yellow Rider: Prison Stage." When Naoe graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2397, The Yellow Rider uploaded a new video, titled "Yellow Rider: A Cautionary Tale About Reckless Driving." In the video, a hired narrator chronicled Naoe's rise to fame and her sudden downfall.

With the rank of Ensign, Naoe was assigned to the USS Alabama as a Shuttlebay manager. The Alabama was an old Galaxy class starship and had plenty of room for Naoe to bring aboard a Twingo as a practice model to learn the Twingo mechanically in preparation for the day hers would be released from impound. Back then, Naoe was still hopeful that the day would be just around the corner, but as time has passed, her view on the matter has become quite jaded.

By 2399, Naoe had served on the Alabama for two years. That year, now-Commander Takami Karibuchi visited the Alabama to check up on Naoe's progress, and was dismayed to discover that she was still an Ensign, as Naoe should have earned her extra half pip by this point. So, Takami spoke with Captain Cecilia Clarke, the Alabama's commanding officer, about furthering Naoe's career. Captain Clarke expressed that what Naoe needed to progress, the Alabama simply couldn't provide, so after some back and forth, Captain Clarke called Naoe into her office and recommended her a transfer to Starbase Dutch Harbor: Located along the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Starbase Dutch Harbor was home to three garrison vessels: The USS Northwestern, an Adamant class starship, the USS Cornelia Marie, a Refit Vigilant class starship, and finally, the USS Time Bandit, a Valiant class starship. Naoe would serve on all three, as her name was in a pool of flight officers that could be called upon when needed.

Each of the garrison vessels was different from the other two, despite all being derived from the Defiant class, and nowhere else was this more evident than in their captains. Each taught her different values of leadership. Naoe served on a rotation of Starbase Dutch Harbor's garrison vessels until 2401, when she was promoted to Assistant Chief Garrison Vessel Pilot. This meant that her name was no longer in a pool, and she could choose which garrison vessel she wanted to work on. Naoe had grown quite fond of working on the USS Northwestern, coming to see the Northwestern's captain, Captain Sigmund "Sig" Hansen (no relation to ex-Borg turned Starfleet Merchant Marine Annika Hansen) as a real mentor figure. As such, from 2401 to 2403, whenever the Northwestern left dock, it was usually Naoe piloting the ship out.

In 2403, the Northwestern rendezvoused with the USS Hornet, an Excelsior II class starship under the command of Takami Karibuchi, now holding the rank of Captain. It was during the rendezvous that Sig broke the news to Naoe that this would be the end of the line for her service at Starbase Dutch Harbor, and Takami was there to take her on to her next assignment. After an emotional goodbye, Naoe boarded the Hornet, which set off for Utopia Planitia where her next assignment awaited her: A brand new Constitution III class starship named the USS Yorktown.
Service Record 2392: Admitted to Starfleet Halfway House - Mariupol
2393-2397: Starfleet Academy (Major in Flight Control)
2397-2399: USS Alabama (Ensign - Shuttlebay manager)
2399-2400: Starbase Dutch Harbor (Ensign - Flight Officer for garrison vessels)
2400-2401: Starbase Dutch Harbor (Lieutenant JG - Flight Officer for garrison vessels)
2401-2403: Starbase Dutch Harbor (Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Garrison Vessel Pilot)
2403-present: USS Yorktown (Lieutenant - Chief Flight Control Officer)