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Lieutenant Minerva Zephyrin

Name Minerva Mina Zephyrin

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Roma Nueva Variant)
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Minerva appears to be either 18 or 20, due to her Roma Nuevan heritage, and is whip-thin, possibly because she’s always working out or participating in something physical when she’s not on duty, often skipping lunch just because she doesn’t remember to eat something. She wears her hair long and brushed out and is in excellent shape. She enjoys cosplay and carries a rapier much of the time, but she knows how to use it very well. Having been a part of the fencing club at Roma University and the Academy, earning medals in both the epee and saber contests. She has minor freckling on her cheeks and chest.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Senatorus Marcius Zephyrin
Mother Medicus Amelia Valerian
Brother(s) Legatus Victor Aurius Zephyrin (31)
Sister(s) Centurion Octavia Valeria Zephyrin (36) Roma Nueva Marines

Beatrix Bianca Zephyrin (36) Bartender/Well-known Singer
Other Family Niece- Lavina Attixx (14)
Nephew- Alder Aattixx (14)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Minerva is a doctor who loves what she does and specializes in trauma medicine. She enjoys doing her surgeries and practices medicine the 'old-fashioned' way but uses modern medical equipment and techniques. She’s rather cheerful outside of working hours, although she can be shy when potential romance is on the line. She’s very close to her sisters, both the older and the younger one.
Hobbies & Interests Rapier
Other things

Personal History Valentine’s Day of 2367 was a day that boded well on Roma Nueva as a set of triplets were born to Senatorus Zephyrin. While twins were common on the world, triplets were very rare and usually had some sort of auspicious meaning as they grew up. Minerva was the middle child, coming six minutes after Octavia and four minutes before Beatrix, but her hazel eyes told her mother that she was meant for something special. Even as a girl, Minerva was very close with her two sisters, even though they started to drift when they were 10, Minerva was the glue that bound them together. As a child of a Senatorus, she was trained in self-defense and on her 9th birthday received a rapier from her father as a special gift.

Minerva always had a passion for medicine, patching up her sisters as they played the sports, then joining them again. The Zephyrin triplets were very good at the game of basketball, preferring the 3 on 3 variety for obvious reasons. Minerva sprouted faster than the other two and was a natural center, with Beatrix better on defense and Octavia good from beyond the 3-point line. Even then, Minerva enjoyed going out with her mother to her job duties, whether in the office or actively seeing patients, the young girl soaked in information like a sponge. When she turned 13 and was required to choose what path in life she wanted to take, it wasn’t a difficult choice for her to sign up for Medico training and started the formal process of becoming a medical professional. There was a volcanic eruption that threatened (ironically) New Pompeii where she helped out many people and was a key piece of the interaction between some of the Roman Medicos and Starfleet, meeting a Fan Shuren on the ground.

At the age of 16, after her sister Octavia had already gone off to basic training for the Roma Nueva Army, Minerva was enrolled in Roma University into the medical school where she excelled and graduated at the top of her class while leading Roma U to the planetary basketball championship and falling in the opening round of the Federation University Championship. While her mother had made room at her own practice for Minerva, she decided that she’d buck tradition and join Starfleet instead of remaining on Roma Nueva at the suggestion of Lieutenant Shuren. She spent 4 years at the Academy, but because she already had her medical degree, it was more to fill out her residency while learning the ways of Starfleet and the newest technology it offered. She again graduated right near the top of her class, always having been good at her studies, then was assigned to the Norway-class USS Ayanami, which had a small medical staff only.

A five year tour on the Ayanami was spent primarily responding to medical emergencies like the one that had hit Roma Nueva back when she was a new medic, but she had no problem with that situation. Days, weeks, months flew by on one planet or another while she helped people the best she could before she was rotated to the Galaxy-class USS Richelieu. Rather than shuttle from one crisis to another, Lieutenant(jg) Minerva Zephyrin dropped the (jg) from her title as she became the Assistant Chief on the ship. While she still dealt with civilian injuries, Richelieu was always on her own and Minerva even had to deal with enemy casualties as pirates and the like fell afoul of the Cardinal’s phasers and torpedoes. Richelieu also tended to respond to calls for help from colonies, which meant Minerva saw the results of what some of these pirates did. Embarrassingly, she had a lower rate of survival for the pirates she treated than the civilians she came across.

In 2303, Minerva ran across Commander Fan Shuren, once again and they got to talking again. The Commander had mentioned to her that she was going to be the second in command of a new starship that still had no medical personnel assigned yet. It was a leading question, Minerva was sure of, but the more and more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea.
Service Record 2380-2383- Medico Initiation and Training
2383-2389- Roma University Medical School
2389-2393- Starfleet Academy, Medical - Residency and Advanced Training
2393-2398- USS Ayanami- Medical Officer
2398-2403- USS Richelieu- Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2403-Pres.- USS Yorktown- Chief Medical Officer